Game Changer

City skyscrapers are reflected in a river below. A sidewalk runs alongside the river.

A new grant from the National Science Foundation could be a game changer for The Water Council, our partners and the water technology sector. Read about that, a recent award that our water stewardship program received, upcoming events and more in our monthly newsletter.

Pushing Forward on Water Momentum

The Water Council has just wrapped up the busiest two weeks in recent memory. We saw many of you at our Water Leaders Summit the first week of October, and even more of you the following week at WEFTEC. Meanwhile, we hosted a delegation from Phuket, Thailand, and welcomed several new tenants to our headquarters at the Global Water Center.

Wasmer Opens Global Water Center Office

The Water Council has a new neighbor in the Global Water Center. The Wasmer Company, an energy efficiency consulting firm based in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, has opened its second office in the Global Water Center (GWC) located in Milwaukee just south of downtown.

Join Us at the Global Water Center

After two years of remote work and virtual meetings, some of us are tired of the isolation of the home office and ready to venture back into the “real” world. If you operate a water-related business, if you’d benefit from the close connection to The Water Council’s water technology and stewardship network, or if you’d just like to work in a really cool building right around the corner from Purple Door Ice Cream, consider the Global Water Center for your new work home.

Counting Down to Our WAVE Launch

We are just a week away from the launch of our new program, WAVE: Water Stewardship Verified. Get the inside scoop at our introductory webinar at 10 a.m. CST Feb. 2.

America is Finally Paying Attention to Water Scarcity

I know my radar is up when it comes to water, but it seems like water issues might finally be hitting critical mass with the business community and the public. Unfortunately, not a day goes by where we don’t see another major news story about water problems. Then again, when drought, climate change and increasing demand threaten the water supply of 25 million Americans, you can’t help but take notice. That’s what’s happening on the West Coast, as Lake Mead – the country’s largest reservoir – sinks to historic lows that will most likely trigger water shortages and restrictions in the coming months. As you know, those low water levels also create significant challenges to the production of needed energy for a vast area of the U.S.

Developing Water Stewardship Talent

The Water Council’s newest intern, Jane Schaub, started recently. She will assist in our stewardship efforts as our Alliance for Water Stewardship professional credentialing intern. Read on to learn more about her and follow one student’s journey into water stewardship.