Glanris manufactures a sustainable, low-cost water filtration media that can change the economics of producing clean water worldwide. Our media can remove organic contaminants from the water like activated carbon does but can also remove metals as ion exchange resins do, but at a fraction of the price.

Hydraloop Systems BV

At Hydraloop Systems we are committed to empower people to save water and energy by offering smart and affordable water recycling products. ​ Hydraloop is a first of its kind, game-changing, compact residential water recycling system. Its stylish product utilizes patented technology to recycle 85% of all domestic water used. It cleans and disinfects shower,… Read More

Stonehouse Water Technologies, LLC

Stonehouse Water Technologies is developing practical, affordable water purification systems intended to restore personal wellness and healthy, clean water to those individuals and communities suffering from contaminated surface and well water.


Pentair Water Purification is a global manufacturer of components and systems for water filtration and treatment solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. We are committed to providing clean, healthy water with our innovative technologies through our world class network of OEMs, dealers, and leading team of industry professionals.

Qualified Water Systems LLC

Qualified Water Systems provides customized whole house water filtration systems. The technology adapts to specific water conditions and provides smart use technology that combines the latest effective water treatment solutions with smart sensors that remotely allow users to monitor water usage and other attributes of their home’s water in order to maximize water treatment solutions.

Clack Corporation

Manufactures and distributes water treatment components for residential, commercial and industrial uses.


Manufacturer of water treatment equipment; including softeners, filters, water treatment.

Veripure LLC

VeriPure’s® patented, portable water treatment device was developed as a natural, non-chemical Food Sanitizer and Bottled Water System so families and businesses could take control of their food and drinking water safety. It delivers pure water, free from lead, bacteria, cysts, fungi, mold, parasites, viruses, chlorine, heavy metals, inorganic compounds, biofilm, metallic taste and bad… Read More


Manufacturer of water treatment solutions and disinfection systems using UV rays.