Veripure LLC

VeriPure’s® patented, portable water treatment device was developed as a natural, non-chemical Food Sanitizer and Bottled Water System so families and businesses could take control of their food and drinking… Read More


Manufacturer of water treatment equipment; including softeners, filters, water treatment.

Stonehouse Water Technologies, LLC

Stonehouse Water Technologies is developing practical, affordable water purification systems intended to restore personal wellness and healthy, clean water to those individuals and communities suffering from contaminated surface and well… Read More


Manufacturer of water treatment solutions and disinfection systems using UV rays.

Hellenbrand, Inc.

Water treatment systems and components for residential, commercial and manufacuturing applications.

Great Lakes International

Manufacturer and distributor of water treatment products, plastic extrusion, injection molding, vacuum forming

Culligan International Company

In 1936, Emmett Culligan started his business with a vision for delivering better water to homeowners. Today, Culligan International makes a real difference in the health and wellness of people… Read More

Clack Corporation

Manufactures and distributes water treatment components for residential, commercial and industrial uses.