Hanging Gardens LLC

Consulting and design company, specializing in green roofing and stormwater management systems.

PaveDrain LLC

The PaveDrain system is a maintainable permeable paving system that infiltrates stormwater runoff at a staggering rate. It can withstand heavy loads, high speeds, and can also be heated to eliminate salt and slipping liabilities.

Onset Computer Corporation

Based on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Onset has been designing and manufacturing data loggers on site since the company’s founding in 1981. Onset HOBO® data loggers are known worldwide for their use in a wide range of applications including water, indoor and environmental applications. Applications include: water temperature and quality monitoring; building and energy performance; weather… Read More

STAR Water Group

STAR Water Solutions provide “state of the art” treatment and reuse technologies that deliver proven, cost effective and efficient performance for urban stormwater, industrial, mining and agricultural runoff and industrial waste water systems. STAR Water holds an exclusive worldwide license for Reactive Filter Media™ technology.

Stormwater Solutions Engineering LLC

Specializing in comprehensive storm water management planning, drainage design, flood control, hydraulic analysis and integrated site design. Our mission is to provide stewardship of our lakes and streams through sustainable engineering and design.


At StormSensor, we are on a mission to help build the sewers and storm systems of the future. StormSensor’s affordable IoT sensor networks give you flow, depth, and temperature, every five minutes, every day – in short, metering the last unmetered utility. This data helps cities better understand how water moves in their subsurface infrastructure… Read More

Smart Waters

Smart Waters increases city resilience by harvesting rainwater and holding it indefinitely in order to provide strategic reserves for all municipal water needs.

Spancrete Machinery Corp

Spancrete has revolutionized stormwater management with the introduction of a pervious precast system, RePlenish™, that is effective in runoff reduction and filtration, while functioning as a sidewalk, alley, parking lot or other related application.