Zurn Industries, LLC

Zurn builds value and trust through superior knowledge of the global markets and customers we serve. We provide innovative water solutions delivered by exceptional people. We aspire to provide the safest and most efficient water solutions to protect human health and the environment.

Roving Blue, Inc.

Roving Blue is an early stage Lena, WI-based manufacturer and distributor of advanced electrolytic ozone-based water purification components and systems.

DMR International Inc

DMR has engineered the NOVEX-AMG family of additive systems that have demonstrated unique solutions for water-filtration systems, with the added bonus of using environmentally responsible materials for a sustainable future.

Marathon Laundry Machines

We design and manufacture smart washer/dryer combination laundry machines with new technology for filtering out microplastics from textiles. Washers and dryers have advanced very little in the last 70 years. In particular, you still have a Washer and a Dryer. There is no good reason for that — it is an artifact of history. You… Read More


Centrifugal pump manufacturer for industrial and agricultural applications.

Weil Pump Co. inc.

Weil Pump Company Inc manufactures a broad line of wastewater pump models and accessory items


DACC Global is an alternative energy and water company based in the United States and has been in business since 2007. We produce water purification systems that are solar powered. These systems are in use today in Kenya and Pakistan. The ability to provide clean water in remote locations, with an off grid system, or… Read More

W.S. Darley & Co.

Manufactures and sells components and high-pressure pumps supporting water-based firefighting activities

Jim Murray, Inc.

Manufactures sump pumps, wholesale/distributor of pumping related products