Searching for solutions to water scarcity has to be a global endeavor, it can no longer be seen as another country’s problem.  -Adam Shaw, host of BBC World News – Horizons

– Water Council President & CEO, Dean Amhaus will be featured in BBC World News – Horizons. Adam Shaw, BBC World News Presenter, travels to the U.S. to discuss how the water technology emerging out of the Wisconsin Water Cluster can benefit the global community. BBC World News, a leader in breaking global news, delivers in-depth news coverage reaching an audience of 385+ million households outside of the UK, and is watched by 76 million people weekly!

Technology showcased in the clip belongs to Stonehouse Water Technologies, a startup located in the Global Water Center.


Saturday, June 20 – 3:30AM (Central Time) (BBC World News)
Sunday, June 21 – 9:30AM (Central Time) (BBC World News)
Sunday, June 21 – 3:30PM (Central Time) (BBC World News)
Sunday, June 21 – 8:30PM (Central Time) (BBC World News North America only)

CLICK HERE for a sneak preview of this week’s episode of Horizons.


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