Cann Forecast

CANN Forecast specializes in AI-driven solutions for proactive water and wastewater management. CANN Forecast offers two main products: InteliPipes, for identifying the most at-risk pipes, and InteliFlow, for wastewater flow… Read More


Aquapriori Oy stands as a pioneering Finnish enterprise, specializing in advanced online solutions tailored for pipeline inspections. At the core of our offerings is a SaaS platform, designed to furnish… Read More

WaterWeb Tools

WaterWebTools is a SaaS company specializing in hydrological and water quality forecasting solutions with advanced digital insights based on its unique ASAP platform. WaterWebTools has many years of experience building… Read More

Digital Water Solutions Inc

The hydrant.AI solution allows water utilities to quickly and holistically understand their water distribution network. Our patented approach to capturing acoustic noise for leak detection, water pressure, transient pressures, and… Read More


APX10 provides advanced data analytics through its proprietary platform – the data-|APX® platform – to facilitate the digital transformation of wastewater and water utility infrastructure and generate value out of… Read More