Forward Water Technologies

Forward Water Technologies Inc. (“FWT”) provides wastewater treatment for a broad range of industrial applications utilizing a unique, proprietary forward osmosis process. The technology was originally developed by Queen’s University… Read More

LiquiTech Inc.

Liquitech’s environmentally sustainable solutions help save lives by ensuring that hospitals, hotels and other facilities have dependably clean, safe, drinking water systems.


Techniblend is a manufacturer of liquid blending system and inline blending system. They are the leading supplier of processing systems, such as carbonated soft drink systems, CIP systems, and automation… Read More

Environmentally Sensitive Solutions Inc.

Environmentally Sensitive Solutions, Inc. has developed and produced safer and more environmentally friendly cleaning products for industrial, commercial and consumer applications.

Watertronics LLC

Watertronics offers a full line of pump station products from single-pump self-enclosed landscape pumping systems to highly complex, large-capacity systems for water districts, resorts, and farming operations.

SPX Flow Technology

Manufactures equipment for water and wastewater applications including chemical makeup and storage, flocculation, reservoir supply, drinking water, desalination, cooling water, irrigation, metal processing and many more.

Separmatic Systems

Drinking water purification filter manufacturing for municipal and institutional uses

SciLog, Inc.

Bio-processing systems, protein purification systems, perfusion systems, pressure sensors