Xylem Inc.

Xylem’s trusted, industry-leading, residential and commercial, brands offer a complete range of pumps, boosters, drives, valves, controllers, water systems, and other solutions for numerous applications.

Avidity Science, LLC

Water treatment, valves, monitoring and distribution systems for watering small animals, purification

Stockholm Water Technology AB

We are a Scandinavian company that exists to provide clean and sustainable water solutions using our patented electro-capacitive technology. SWT solutions are membrane free and are developed via intimate integration… Read More


Our transformational Enhance and Separonics™ product lines take membranes to the next level, overcoming the inherent flaws in conventional architectures. No longer do random pore sizes and distribution cause frequent… Read More

Dupont Water Solutions

We are innovators in purification and separation technologies, setting industry standards for quality and reliability with a comprehensive portfolio of products.

Elodys International

Elodys is an engineering company whose area of expertise is optimizing the costs and environmental impacts of washing processes (CIP, washers). Elodys develops very innovative technologies in this field such… Read More

SPX Flow Technology

Manufactures equipment for water and wastewater applications including chemical makeup and storage, flocculation, reservoir supply, drinking water, desalination, cooling water, irrigation, metal processing and many more.

Lakeside Water Treatment, Inc.

Pre-engineered, custom designed water softeners, dealkalizers, demineralizers, deionizers, condensate polishers and pressure filters.

B & M Technical Services

Performance of process control for municipal and industrial freshwater and wastewater treatment systems.