Evoqua Water Technologies LLC

Transforming Water. Enriching Life. Every day, millions of people and thousands of companies rely on Evoqua Water Technologies to help them meet their needs for clean water. We are the… Read More

Fixed Earth Innovations Ltd.

Fixed Earth provides microbial expertise and ecological restoration techniques with a focus toward client driven research into global contaminants. We combine our unique ability to obtain site-specific microbes with other… Read More

NEUTRALOX Umwelttechnik GmbH

Neutralox – Experts in odor control Neutralox Umwelttechnik GmbH — along with its US subsidiary Neutralox, Inc. — is a German manufacturer of odor control equipment with primarily application in… Read More

Pulsed Burst Systems LLC

The pulsed burst system is a patented low-pressure large bubble provider for better mixing in the wastewater industry. It accumulates small bubbles over a period of time and rapidly releases… Read More

Energy Tech Innovations LLC

Energy Tech is developing a low-cost, water-based gas treatment method that will convert biogas into renewable natural gas, a greenhouse gas neutral fuel.


Optiktechnik makes optical sensors and instrumentation for characterization of particulate systems. The company’s patent-pending laser scanning and image analysis technology enables more accurate monitoring and control of the coagulation and… Read More

Aero-Stream LLC

Aerobic Remediation systems for on-site waste water treatment systems.

Covanta Environmental Solutions

Advance Waste Services provides efficient, effective, transportation, treatment, recycling, disposal and cleaning solutions for industrial and municipal waste treatment needs.