Advanced Chemical Systems

From organics to oils, metals to particulates, Advanced Chemical Systems has been solving wastewater treatment challenges since 1977. We work as part of your professional team, by providing equipment, chemistry and industry expertise needed to customize programs that meet your unique requirements.

Energy Tech Innovations LLC

Energy Tech is developing a low-cost, water-based gas treatment method that will convert biogas into renewable natural gas, a greenhouse gas neutral fuel.

SIGMA DAF Clarifiers

Design and production of DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation) Systems from 2 until 1000 m3/h for pre-treatment, physical-chemical process, biological process, sludge thickening and freshwater treatment. Smart DAF Systems for complete automatization and self-operation solutions. Standards are AISI304 and AISI316. Superduplex and plastics are available too.

Covanta Environmental Solutions

Advance Waste Services provides efficient, effective, transportation, treatment, recycling, disposal and cleaning solutions for industrial and municipal waste treatment needs.

NEUTRALOX Umwelttechnik GmbH

Neutralox – Experts in odor control Neutralox Umwelttechnik GmbH — along with its US subsidiary Neutralox, Inc. — is a German manufacturer of odor control equipment with primarily application in the elimination of odors from wastewater treatment plants. Bringing to the table more than twenty years of market experience, we offer you our expertise in… Read More

Condorchem Envitech

Condorchem Envitech is an environmental engineering company based in Barcelona, specializing in industrial wastewater and air treatment. Condorchem provides solutions to prevent pollution to our planet. With 25 years of experience and over 400 projects worldwide, Condorchem is a market leader in wastewater treatment utilizing concentration technologies, in particular with the aim of achieving Zero… Read More

TU Water Corporation

TU Water Corp manufactures modular solar powered water purification kiosks and portable water treatment facilities for retail and commercial water treatment. Our multi-stage filtration process is capable of purifying up to 80,000 liters per day from black water to surgical grade potable. The retail kiosks provide for unattended bottling filling.

Aero-Stream LLC

Aerobic Remediation systems for on-site waste water treatment systems.


Unique single-house sewage treatment station aimed at decentralizing sewerage sanitation systems.