LiquidCool Solutions

LiquidCool Solutions (LCS) believes water is for people and the crops they love. Not computers. An air-cooled datacenter (DC) can evaporate millions of gallons of water each day. By contrast,… Read More

SCS Global Services Inc

SCS Global Services is a global leader in third-party environmental and sustainability verification, certification, auditing, testing, and standards development. Its programs span a cross-section of industries, recognizing achievements in natural… Read More

ORIN Technologies LLC

ORIN Technologies (ORIN) is a contractor and chemical distributor that offers in-situ and ex-situ environmental remediation strategies. Our professionals specialize in the implementation of oxidation, bioremediation, chemical reduction, and advanced… Read More

Aclarus Ozone

Aclarus Ozone is a design-build OEM for disinfection, oxidation & clarification systems, more than 1000 solutions globally. Aclarus works with leading water/wastewater engineers, OEM’s & integrators to optimize treatment, OPEX… Read More

Aquarius Systems

Aquarius Systems, a division of D&D Products, is the oldest and most experienced manufacturer of surface water management equipment in the world.

Xylem Inc.

Xylem’s trusted, industry-leading, residential and commercial, brands offer a complete range of pumps, boosters, drives, valves, controllers, water systems, and other solutions for numerous applications.

Avidity Science, LLC

Water treatment, valves, monitoring and distribution systems for watering small animals, purification

Tomorrow Water

We are founded on the framework that we can minimize the environmental impact of wastewater treatment through sustainable and profitable processes. Our strength lies in our diverse portfolio of technologies… Read More

Qualified Water Systems LLC

Qualified Water Systems provides customized whole house water filtration systems. The technology adapts to specific water conditions and provides smart use technology that combines the latest effective water treatment solutions… Read More

Kohler Co.

Manufacturer and designer of kitchen & bath products, engines & generators, golf & resort destinations.