Baker Manufacturing Company, LLC

Baker Manufacturing Company, founded in 1873, is comprised of three divisions: Custom Division,produces gray and ductile iron custom castings for automotive, marine, and agricultural market; Haight Division, produces rotary gear pumps for a wide variety of fluid pumping applications; and the Monitor Division, produces water system products for residential and municipal applications.

Clearwater Industries, Inc.

Clearwater Industries Incorporated manufactures water clarification equipment and provides water treatment solutions to clients in a wide array of industries who wish to remove solids from process water. For over 20 years, we have specialized in designing and building polymer preparation systems, water clarifiers, and fines recovery systems. As a result of our initial customers… Read More

Marathon Laundry Machines

We design and manufacture smart washer/dryer combination laundry machines with new technology for filtering out microplastics from textiles. Washers and dryers have advanced very little in the last 70 years. In particular, you still have a Washer and a Dryer. There is no good reason for that — it is an artifact of history. You… Read More

Energy Tech Innovations LLC

Energy Tech is developing a low-cost, water-based gas treatment method that will convert biogas into renewable natural gas, a greenhouse gas neutral fuel.


At StormSensor, we are on a mission to help build the sewers and storm systems of the future. StormSensor’s affordable IoT sensor networks give you flow, depth, and temperature, every five minutes, every day – in short, metering the last unmetered utility. This data helps cities better understand how water moves in their subsurface infrastructure… Read More

P4 Infrastructure

P4’s niche is nearly six decades of combined experience in design, construction, monitoring, inspection, and research in civil engineering systems leading toward novel engineered systems and the Internet of Infrastructure. P4’s products empower public agencies and private companies with greater efficiency in construction, operation, and maintenance of infrastructure assets.

Exciton Clean, LLC

Exciton Clean designs and develops products for cleaning water in many different applications. We have developed technology that removes microbial and chemical contaminants and works in swimming pools and spas, aquariums and water gardens, larger applications such as aquaponics facilities, drinking water systems, medical devices, food & beverage production, semiconductor fabrication, and pharmaceutical production –… Read More

Advanced Chemical Systems

From organics to oils, metals to particulates, Advanced Chemical Systems has been solving wastewater treatment challenges since 1977. We work as part of your professional team, by providing equipment, chemistry and industry expertise needed to customize programs that meet your unique requirements.

Ruekert & Mielke Inc.

Ruekert & Mielke (R/M) offers a broad range of civil engineering, municipal services and technology solutions. R/M strives to achieve innovation and collaboration for the furthering of water research and water resources by using the latest technology, extensive experience and strong relationships.

Roving Blue, Inc.

Roving Blue is an early stage Lena, WI-based manufacturer and distributor of advanced electrolytic ozone-based water purification components and systems.