The Existential challenge of our lifetime

By Dean Amhaus, President & CEO

“Climate change is the existential challenge of my lifetime and my children’s lifetime.”

Sara Gonzalez-Rothi of the White House Council on Environmental Quality said that when she spoke at our recent Water Leaders Summit, and I couldn’t agree more. As I write this, we are expecting another day of severe storms and extreme heat in Milwaukee. Is this caused by climate change? It’s hard to say for certain, but we know climate change is here and will get worse, as confirmed by the recent United Nations report.

While the news is alarming, we at The Water Council see a huge opportunity to leverage our work in water innovation, technology and stewardship to make a real impact in the sustainability movement. Working with Milwaukee’s NSF I-Corps Program, we are refining an exciting new offering, our Corporate Water Stewardship Accelerator. Following an intense schedule of more than 50 interviews in four weeks with representatives of public and private businesses, investors and rating agencies, we heard loud and clear that water stewardship is on top of everyone’s minds. We are excited to tell you more about the program in the coming months, but feel free to contact us about it sooner.

The entire world is paying more attention to water stewardship. Last week I participated in a panel for a Dubai-based series called “Experts Talk” for an episode called Water Sustainability: Risks & Crisis. It offered a strong overview of worldwide water problems and possible solutions. Click below to tune in.

As noted above, climate change and sustainability were heavily discussed at our recent Water Leaders Summit. You can read a summary of week one of the summit here and week two here. We are grateful to all our panelists and sponsors, including presenting sponsors A. O. Smith and Baird, for helping us create a stimulating event.

Small Steps, Big Impact
Even small companies can make a big impact on water, as Diane Kieser of Engel Tool & Forge says in our latest video created with Source Ten Creative.  The company, part of Milwaukee’s Harbor District, was able to reduce water usage by a whopping 90% by installing a recirculating system. Through its work with The Water Council, it was certified to the Alliance for Water Stewardship Standard.

Speaking of small steps, The Water Council was in the news lately for our Pilot Program. One of our participants, DMR International, is testing water filtration systems at Wisconsin State Fair Park. The system catches contaminants such as bacteria from animal waste. Our thanks to Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District and Fund for Lake Michigan for making this project possible.

Upcoming Events
We have more events listed below, but I want to call attention to a few of them:

Finally, I’d like to welcome new member MKE Tech Hub Coalition to The Water Council. We are proud to support their mission to inclusively double tech talent in Milwaukee and announce our membership in their coalition as well.

Dean Amhaus
The Water Council President & CEO

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