No Rest for the Water Sector

We’re coming off a week that included the Water Leaders Summit, our biggest event of the year, along with a meeting of Great Lakes WISE and the Asian Development Bank Roadshow. But there’s little rest for our team, as WEFTEC is less than two weeks away. That’s followed by our international business development event in Milwaukee, when we will host more than 40 guests from Europe plus companies from Brazil and Canada. Read more in our September newsletter.

Building Water Resiliency

Resiliency – defined as the capacity to withstand or to recover quickly from difficulties – is important to many of our members working in water technology, water and wastewater utilities, and water stewardship. So it made sense for resiliency to be the theme of our 2023 Water Leaders Summit, held Sept. 13 and 14 in our hometown of Milwaukee, Wis. Each year, the summit draws water and sustainability professionals from across the country to discuss pressing water issues and network with fellow leaders in the water sector.

Increasing Urgency for Water Solutions

Increasingly, it seems there are daily news stories depicting weather-related disasters, from the troubling fires in Canada and Hawaii to the extreme heat in America’s South to the devastating floods in Asia. These tragedies underscore the urgent need for water solutions. At The Water Council, we’re working hard every day to find them. Read about our latest efforts in our August newsletter.

Roaring Through a Milwaukee Summer

Last weekend, Milwaukee hosted thousands of motorcycle riders from around the world for a celebration of Harley-Davidson’s 120th anniversary. It reminded us at The Water Council that our Water Leaders Summit, happening at the Harley-Davidson Museum, is coming up soon. Learn more about the summit, the Asian Development Bank Roadshow, our WEFTEC plans and more in our July newsletter.

Diving Into Innovation, Stewardship & Resiliency Work

Things are literally “BREWing” at The Water Council! We just completed “Milwaukee Week” for participants in our BREW 2.0 Post-Accelerator, plus we are busy planning our Water Leaders Summit and Asian Development Bank Roadshow in September. And did I mention our NSF Regional Innovation Engine planning? More on all those topics in our newsletter.

Game Changer

City skyscrapers are reflected in a river below. A sidewalk runs alongside the river.

A new grant from the National Science Foundation could be a game changer for The Water Council, our partners and the water technology sector. Read about that, a recent award that our water stewardship program received, upcoming events and more in our monthly newsletter.