Water Sessions: Episode 9

The Water Council’s Matt Howard welcomes the Fund for Lake Michigan’s Vicki Elkin and the Harbor District’s Lilith Fowler to discuss how water-related stakeholder collaboration led to the development of an urban ‘Water District’ model based on the principles of the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) Standard, which also serves as a best practice for other regions to follow. Listen in! MORE

Water Sessions: Episode 8

In episode 8 of Water Sessions, The Water Council’s Dylan Waldhueter welcomes Miltrim Farms Manager David Trimner to learn more about the dairy farm’s water stewardship journey and what can be achieved by employing good water stewardship and innovative farming principles. Listen in! MORE

How can you start your water stewardship journey with AWS North America?

Whether you’re a corporate sustainability manager looking to develop a water strategy or facilities engineer looking to implement water stewardship practices at their factory, it’s a common misconception that there’s one blueprint for practicing and implementing good water stewardship practices. AWS North America Program Manager Dylan Waldhuetter shares the five paths you can take to support your water stewardship journey. MORE

TWC Chapter Club Brookfield Central High School kicks off rain garden project

While COVID-19 means the Brookfield Central High School classrooms may be empty, the Water Council Chapter Club students continue to champion their coursework as well as projects outside the classroom. Chapter Club guest blogger Shaunak Raiker shares one ambitious, multi-year rain garden project that was inspired by a field trip to the Water Treatment Center in Waukesha. MORE

Imagining a Day Without Water

Hello! I’m new to The Water Council, so you probably won’t recognize seeing my name here before. As we look to have more of our members sharing their stories with our community, I’m not sure yet how often you’ll see me blogging. But today, it’s Imagine a Day Without Water and I have a few thoughts to share. Learn More.