Veripure LLC

VeriPure’s® patented, portable water treatment device was developed as a natural, non-chemical Food Sanitizer and Bottled Water System so families and businesses could take control of their food and drinking… Read More

Symphonic Water Solutions

Symphonic Water Solutions (SWS) offers effective and efficient process design and equipment packages to consultant groups and engineering firms as well as directly to end-user organizations. By leveraging our expertise… Read More


Pathogenomicaʼs revolutionary pathogen detection platform uses next-generation sequencing (NGS) to simultaneously detect all microorganisms.

Aquafix, Inc.

Custom bacterial and enzyme products to treat wastewater

AmebaGone Inc.

AmebaGone Inc. solves one of the 21st century’s most compelling problems that of growing antibiotic resistance alongside a dwindling supply of effective antimicrobial products. Antibiotic resistance is a worldwide problem… Read More

Current Data

Current Data is a complete, turn-key data management system. It consists of four main parts: user-friendly sensor arrays; an app that uses a researcher’s mobile device to time-stamp, location-stamp, and… Read More

Evolve Performance Water, LLC

How do we produce an alkaline water with a 9.5 (pH) level? To keep it simple, we utilize an innovative technology that enables the simultaneous size reduction of water molecules… Read More

Progea USA

Industrial automation software for many sectors, including the water and wastewater industry.