Groupe Claire

Motivated by the preservation of resources, the Claire group offers within its Connect division a set of solutions intended to monitor water networks to improve performance. FAST, based in Germany,… Read More

Stormwater Solutions Engineering LLC

Specializing in comprehensive storm water management planning, drainage design, flood control, hydraulic analysis and integrated site design. Our mission is to provide stewardship of our lakes and streams through sustainable… Read More

Sage Water LLC

Sage Water provides solutions to large water utilities both domestically and globally through personalized consulting services.

Hydraloop Systems BV

At Hydraloop Systems we are committed to empower people to save water and energy by offering smart and affordable water recycling products. ​ Hydraloop is a first of its kind,… Read More

Energy Tech Innovations LLC

Energy Tech is developing a low-cost, water-based gas treatment method that will convert biogas into renewable natural gas, a greenhouse gas neutral fuel.

Capta Hydro

Capta Hydro develops and commercializes integrated hardware and software IoT solutions for water distribution management, consisting of innovative (proprietary) superficial water telemetry and automation equipment designs and a complete water… Read More

Cadens LLC

Cadens is developing the design and manufacture of next generation micro-to-small hydropower systems with in-house auto-optimized software for large format additive manufacturing of composite materials. The company, in collaboration with… Read More