PolyGone Systems

In 2010 alone, between 4-12 million metric tons of plastic waste entered the world’s oceans, degrading over time in smaller microplastic fragments. Rivers play a significant role in transporting this… Read More


Cimico is a company dedicated to the development and supply of innovative technologies for the biological treatment of wastewater. Today, Cimico offers moving bed technologies (MBBR/IFAS) for the removal of… Read More

Mentor Apm, LLC

MentorAPM integrates powerful Asset Performance Management and decision support with optimized Work Execution to transform your operation. Leverage Your Digital Investments MentorAPM delivers decision intelligence to direct the execution of… Read More

Nucleic Sensing Systems LLC

Nucleic Sensing Systems has developed the world’s only field-deployable, autonomous, web-connected monitoring tool, able to report real-time data on environmental DNA (eDNA) and RNA. By taking the human out of… Read More


Aquacycl provides energy-neutral wastewater treatment as a service for industrial, agricultural and residential applications. Aquacycl guarantees permit compliance, reliability, and reduces wastewater management costs by 20%-65%.

In-Pipe Robot

Unknown and unpredictable conditions in aging Water & Wastewater pipelines create the potential for loss of containment and other emergencies. In-Pipe Robot provides robotic pipeline inspection solutions with advanced software… Read More

InfoTiles AS

InfoTiles simplifies and automates the tedious steps of consolidating data, applying real time analytics and machine learning so water utilities can turn insights into actions and benefit from more efficient,… Read More

Enspired Solutions LLC

Enspired Solutions is a women-owned and led innovation company that offers scalable equipment and USEPA-award winning technology to destroy toxic PFAS molecules in water, shifting the PFAS lifecycle to a… Read More

Sampleserve Inc.

The challenges associated with collecting samples using handwritten paper documentation in environmental, drinking water, and product safety sampling have resulted in numerous issues related to data entry errors and inefficient… Read More

Divirod, Inc.

We advance an organization’s resilience by mitigating the unpredictable impacts of water risks