Stonehouse Water Technologies, LLC

Stonehouse Water Technologies is developing practical, affordable water purification systems intended to restore personal wellness and healthy, clean water to those individuals and communities suffering from contaminated surface and well water.


APX10 provides advanced data analytics through its proprietary platform – the data-|APX® platform – to facilitate the digital transformation of wastewater and water utility infrastructure and generate value out of existing data. APX10 ensures utility management translate critical information into actionable insights for decisionmakers aiming to expand efficiency, investment performance, reputation, and critical infrastructure services.

Hydraloop Systems BV

At Hydraloop Systems we are committed to empower people to save water and energy by offering smart and affordable water recycling products. ​ Hydraloop is a first of its kind, game-changing, compact residential water recycling system. It’s stylish product utilizes patented technology to recycle 85% of all domestic water used. It cleans and disinfects shower,… Read More

Forward Water Technologies

Forward Water Technologies Inc. (“FWT”) provides wastewater treatment for a broad range of industrial applications utilizing a unique, proprietary forward osmosis process. The technology was originally developed by Queen’s University and brought to the pilot stage at GreenCentre Canada. The company has recently demonstrated the technology at commercial scale as part of a SDTC/Alberta Innovates… Read More

True Elements LLC

True Elements is tackling what’s arguably the biggest issue of our time – water quality – by way of a first-of-its-kind data, a.i. and forecasting solution. And we believe we will only solve this problem… together. Harnessing our decades of experience in the fields of water quality, engineering, a.i., tech, networking and more, we’re doing… Read More

TU Water Corporation

TU Water Corp manufactures modular solar powered water purification kiosks and portable water treatment facilities for retail and commercial water treatment. Our multi-stage filtration process is capable of purifying up to 80,000 liters per day from black water to surgical grade potable. The retail kiosks provide for unattended bottling filling.

PaveDrain LLC

The PaveDrain system is a maintainable permeable paving system that infiltrates stormwater runoff at a staggering rate. It can withstand heavy loads, high speeds, and can also be heated to eliminate salt and slipping liabilities.

Hanging Gardens LLC

Consulting and design company, specializing in green roofing and stormwater management systems.


Unique single-house sewage treatment station aimed at decentralizing sewerage sanitation systems.

Cadens LLC

Cadens is a pioneer in the field of micro- to small-hydropower, particularly in the development of Near Net Shape (NNS) technology to turbine design and production.