In-Pipe Robot

Unknown and unpredictable conditions in aging Water & Wastewater pipelines create the potential for loss of containment and other emergencies. In-Pipe Robot provides robotic pipeline inspection solutions with advanced software… Read More

Varuna iOT

Water Distribution System Monitoring Gain visibility across your entire distribution network. Varuna’s easily deployable network of sensors and cloud-based software provides real-time monitoring and insights.

Exciton Clean, LLC

Exciton Clean designs and develops products for cleaning water in many different applications. We have developed technology that removes microbial and chemical contaminants and works in swimming pools and spas,… Read More

Marathon Laundry Machines

We design and manufacture smart washer/dryer combination laundry machines with new technology for filtering out microplastics from textiles. Washers and dryers have advanced very little in the last 70 years…. Read More


At StormSensor, we are on a mission to help build the sewers and storm systems of the future. StormSensor’s affordable IoT sensor networks give you flow, depth, and temperature, every… Read More

Latitude Power LLC

Provide affordable sustainable electric power based on turbine and generator that is highly mobile and does not large infrastructure.

Lappley & Associates Ltd.

Lappley & Associates is a management consulting firm that provides a full range of compensation consulting services that support the strategic goals of our clients while enforcing the organization’s desired… Read More

KenWave Solutions

Founded by two firms with over 50 years of experience in water and wastewater systems, KenWave Solutions has a singular focus: providing the data needed to close the buried asset… Read More

New Water

Leading water quality improvements for the bay of Green Bay through operational excellence, resource recovery, education, and watershed management.