Varuna iOT

Water Distribution System Monitoring Gain visibility across your entire distribution network. Varuna’s easily deployable network of sensors and cloud-based software provides real-time monitoring and insights.


APX10 provides advanced data analytics through its proprietary platform – the data-|APX® platform – to facilitate the digital transformation of wastewater and water utility infrastructure and generate value out of existing data. APX10 ensures utility management translate critical information into actionable insights for decisionmakers aiming to expand efficiency, investment performance, reputation, and critical infrastructure services.


We advance an organization’s resilience by mitigating the unpredictable impacts of water risks

Bradley Corporation

Manufacturer of commercial plumbing fixtures and washroom accessories.

Kohler Co.

Manufacturer and designer of kitchen & bath products, engines & generators, golf & resort destinations.


Manufacturer of residential and commercial food waste disposers and instant hot water dispensers.

Rice Technology LLC

Rice Technology has developed a wireless, leak-detection system that is able to cutoff water supply the instant a sizable leak is detected.

Solar Water Works, LLC

Solar Water Works provides solar water purification systems that use a photo-catalyst to accelerate natural water purification processes, eliminating the need for chemicals or external power, which cuts operating cost. Their system combines the physics of a solar panel, with the chemistry of a catalytic converter, in a low cost nanomaterial. The system is powered… Read More


Iconac is committed to bringing the benefits of advanced non-invasive pipe inspection to every city by offering a low cost, easy to use mobile condition assessment tool. Using the latest in multi-physics and acoustic modeling we are building the tools needed for efficient, pro-active water asset management. Iconac believes in putting utilities in the driver’s… Read More

Ketos Inc

Ketos provides industrial and agricultural enterprises, commercial businesses, and institutions with a patented sensors and machine-learning analytics platform, which delivers actionable, real-time water monitoring and analytics. The system provides the tools and insights needed to optimize water usage, ensure resource efficiency and provide water safety assurance for smart irrigation, industries and cities . KETOS Shield… Read More