Xela Innovations LLC

Xela [shayla] Innovations brings fresh and innovative products to consumers through a comprehensive mix of innovation, industrial design, manufacturing and marketing expertise.

Rice Technology LLC

Rice Technology has developed a wireless, leak-detection system that is able to cutoff water supply the instant a sizable leak is detected.


Rexnord is a leading worldwide industrial company comprised of two strategic platforms: Process & Motion Control and Water Management. Within their platforms, they serve a diverse array of growing, global… Read More

Radom Corporation

Radom Corporation designs and commercializes the next generation of ICP instruments. The reliable, robust high value instruments are designed to operate in a setting untethered to costly argon infrastructure. Utilizing… Read More

Midwest Instruments and Controls

Manufactures digital paddle wheel flow meters utilized in irrigation, aquaculture, aquariums, pulp mills and research institutions.

Kohler Co.

Manufacturer and designer of kitchen & bath products, engines & generators, golf & resort destinations.


Manufacturer of residential and commercial food waste disposers and instant hot water dispensers.

Innovative Waters

Cellular, wireless control devices for sensors, manifolds, meters

Current Data

Current Data is a complete, turn-key data management system. It consists of four main parts: user-friendly sensor arrays; an app that uses a researcher’s mobile device to time-stamp, location-stamp, and… Read More

Dorlen Products, Inc.

Design and manufacture of early warning water leak detection equipment, devices