Digital Water Solutions

The hydrant.AI solution allows water utilities to quickly and holistically understand their water distribution network. Our patented approach to capturing acoustic noise for leak detection, water pressure, transient pressures, and… Read More

Midwest Instruments and Controls

Manufactures digital paddle wheel flow meters utilized in irrigation, aquaculture, aquariums, pulp mills and research institutions.

Building Automation Products, Inc.

Supplier of temperature, humidity, pressure and air quality sensors used to automate heating and cooling systems to increase energy efficiency

Dorlen Products, Inc.

Design and manufacture of early warning water leak detection equipment, devices

Innovative Waters

Cellular, wireless control devices for sensors, manifolds, meters

Bradley Corporation

Manufacturer of commercial plumbing fixtures and washroom accessories.


Rexnord is a leading worldwide industrial company comprised of two strategic platforms: Process & Motion Control and Water Management. Within their platforms, they serve a diverse array of growing, global… Read More

Radom Corporation

Radom Corporation designs and commercializes the next generation of ICP instruments. The reliable, robust high value instruments are designed to operate in a setting untethered to costly argon infrastructure. Utilizing… Read More

Pani Energy

Pani Energy provides cloud-based data capture and analytics solutions to optimize water treatment processes in various industrial and city scale applications, including industrial reverse osmosis, desalination plants, food and beverage… Read More