Water Sessions: Episode 8

In episode 8 of Water Sessions, The Water Council’s Dylan Waldhueter welcomes Miltrim Farms Manager David Trimner to learn more about the dairy farm’s water stewardship journey and what can be achieved by employing good water stewardship and innovative farming principles. Listen in! MORE

Water Sessions podcast: Episode 6

Through predictive analytics, Aquasuite’s Tom Woolley shares how artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning can transform the way water utilities are managed. Listen in! MORE

Water Sessions podcast: Episode 5

Computerized intelligence is reshaping our world, but what about its impact on water? Listen in to Dragan Savic, whose life work is finding new ways to use the power of computing to make water systems more efficient, less expensive, less wasteful, and easier to run. MORE

Water Sessions podcast: Episode 4

This Water Session podcast puts stormwater management in the spotlight, as Covias’s Greg Cannito discusses the ever-changing environmental and regulatory stressors to stormwater management and some of the creative solutions the firm has employed to deliver good public outcomes for its partners. MORE

Water Sessions podcast: Episode 3

Dan Burger, one of the co-founders of the Charleston Resilience Network, tells the story of how it came to be and its power for getting people aligned to tackle climate change locally—where it’s happening. And how other communities can create similar “resilience networks.” MORE

Water Sessions podcast: Episode 2

Moonshot Missions CEO & Founder George Hawkins shares insights on all-things public water utilities, including the monumental change in day-to-day operations because of COVID-19 and optimism for the future of the industry, despite infrastructure and funding challenges. MORE